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Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen
7/09/2006 WHAT?! An Update?!
Yeesh. And I thought my previous update schedule was lousy.

A quick summary of the last year:

1) MassiveLAN went good - 4th Place in the UT2004 Tourney. Not bad at all.

2) PSF Mirrors went down in September, but of course, Project2612 came to be in November. The site is enormously popular - 20,000 hits a day. F'n right.

3) Seeing someone, hopefully... Time will tell if it pans out or not. I hope it does.

4) I'm moving a couple blocks away into an actual home later this month (The 28th.) No more apartments! \o/

I've updated the links as far as I know. No idea when I'll write here again, but I try to be reasonable about it.

Till whenever, people call me...

- Dark Pulse
7/27/2005 Great American Bash, MassiveLAN 80 hours away!
I figure I'll do a quick update here, just before MassiveLAN, just so I can get some thoughts down here while they're still fresh on my mind.

1) Great American Bash. If you follow wrestling and the WWE, you know that they hosted the Great American Bash here on the 24th, five years to the day the last PPV (WWF Fully Loaded 1999) was here, as long as you don't count one WCW one here in 2000 or 2001. My experiences:

a) Decent seats. $30, a bit high up, but still a good view of the ring action, and I'm even on camera in the Nunzio/Paul London match that I at first thought was a Dark match, but turned out was on Sunday Night Heat: I'm little more then a black splotch though.

b) I sat near a bunch of rather charming folks who cheered the heels and booed the faces. All throughout the Chris Benoit/Orlando Jordon I was treated to chants of "Waffles!" which had to have referred to Benoit, but I'm not sure how. When Jordon won, I got chants of "OJ Did it!" which were also present in the Batista/JBL main event.

c) The crowd booed when the copyright notice came up, since for those moments (And occasionally during the matches) the screens were apparently the PPV feeds as well. That's Buffalo for you: Downright charming.

d) The fireworks are LOUD. Really, REALLY loud. They don't sound bad on TV, but they're about a thousand times louder in person. The very start and Batista's entrance literally shook the arena, and Booker T's entrance bathed the whole arena in an orange glow for about 30 seconds.

e) Even though they're heels, I find the whole controversey over Muhammad Hassan (AKA Mark Copani) ridiculous. Wrestling isn't exactly a realistic thing - sure, the guys are athletes and have legitimate skill and the like, but UPN decided to air the coverage unaltered, (Unless you're in the UK or Australia) then WWE got to take the bullet for it. I feel pretty bad that UPN may have very well cost him and Shawn "Khosrow" Daivari their jobs, and I honestly hope that they're at least repackaged. They're both young, both have talent, and both got good mic skills (Though I'm only guessing in Daiviri's case - he only spoke Farsi on WWE programming.) I enjoyed booing them as heels, because they sold their gimmicks well, and did have legitimate skill. So here's to hoping that, if WWE doesn't bow under pressure (They're still debating it apparently) that they at least repackage them. Hell, Iron Shiek was big for years. Seargeant Slaughter's Pro-Iraqi turn during the early 90s was hot, but apparently 15 years later we're too politically correct for that now. It sickens me.

f) Not GAB related, but this needs to be said anyway. The Eugene character is old, axe it already please.

2) MassiveLAN, as of this post, is about 80 hours away and counting. It's gonna be big, and I'll hopefully have a good time and lots of pictures for whoever wants em. It's still not too late to sign up - you can click the link in the sidebar if you're interested.

That'll do it for this update I guess. Seeya!

- Dark Pulse
6/13/2005 Holy crap! A NON-Bimonthly update? Twice in a row?!
Yep, pretty unusual, eh? Let's run the gamut of what I've done:

1) College first semester: Done. Didn't do too well in the classes I wasn't interested in (Why did they make me take Math and English when I don't need to know no fuckin' english & my maff is gud? 2+2=11ty 6, rite?) but I did peachy in my Computer courses. Quick example of what I had to learn:


Don't say I didn't warn you.

2) I cleaned about five years worth of crap from my closet - which still isn't fully cleaned - to make room to put my AC in. Because when the temperature is 90 degrees, the humidity making it 100+, and the PC being on making it about 110, that's too fucking much.

3) Someone I know is selling some swag and I offered to buy two parts of it - A AMD 64 3000+ and a GeForce 6800 GT for about $500 even. Let's hope I get one or both.

UPDATE - 6/19/05: I didn't get the AMD 64, but I DID get the GeForce 6800 GT, which I quickly clocked to Ultra, and a Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro instead, for $400. UT never looked or sounded so pretty...

4) I added some code to make the one liners here a bit more random. The page looks funky when I edit it, but it looks fine when you look at it - so that's peachy with me. There's 101 of them in all as of 6/19 - collect them all, or just be a cheap dickhead and look at the source, I guess.

5) Removed some old code. I mean, really old code. Code that, quite frankly, I forgot what it does.

About it for this update, which is more then usual. I might update the page with new one-liners, but those alone won't warrant an update, so until next REAL update (Which will either be just before or after MassiveLAN) I am the King of Terrors, AKA...

- Dark Pulse
5/4/2005 Life, The Universe, and Nothing
Another month goes by, another update. Let's see...

1) First semester in college: Nearly done. Score. I've had enough AS/400 for one semester, yeesh.

2) MassiveLAN is going to rock. I'm gonna be there. I'm gonna celebrate my birthday there. How about you show up and bring me a gift? If you're a woman, no gift is necessary. ;)

3) [A|K]Leviathan has released a new version of Siege for UT2004. We actually played some games together, was a ball. But what the hell is an Ass Cookie...?

4) There is no Number 4. Well, maybe there is, but you'll need a good source.

5) I write comics now. Irregularly, as always. Check it.

So until next update (June or early July from the looks of things) I am, regrettably...

- Dark Pulse
3/30/2005 At last! It's fixed!
A couple months go by, seems like it's right to do a update here, especially since the site is up and now COMPLETELY UNDER OUR CONTROL. This means the following:

1) sherl0k (You know him, he's the sexy one) is in direct control of the server. This means if it goes down or otherwise messes up, I can complain to him.

2) Most importantly: My PSF Mirrors should fully work again. Speeds are going to be insane for you people, and with a full Terabyte of Bandwidth, unless you people get REAL greedy, the mirrors should never run out of bandwidth.

Oddly enough, Temperatures will be nearly 60 tomorrow. I look down on my last post, a little over two months ago, and smile. Spring is arrived, and we're finally warming up...

Anyway, time to go update my mirrors. I haven't been able to in months, and it's finally time to get them bad boys back up to date.

See you on the other side.

- Dark Pulse
1/12/2005 Buckle up Boys and Girls, cause here comes Trouble!!!
So 2004 is dead and buried, in the history books, as they say, and we're in the year 2005 now. Are you keeping your New Year's resolutions? Of the 3 I made, one's already broken, blah. At least the other two I made are ones reasonably able to keep: Keep kicking ass in UT2004, and work my ass of on my second mod, Unreal Tournament Revolution.  Hopefully this will turn out to be a kickass mod.

As I write this (4:45 PM) ths sun is beginning to set here. It's a cloudy, rainy day, but a massive heatwave smashed in. This morning it was right around freezing, now it's over 50 Farenheit, and might peak near 60 tomorrow. What do I get for this weather? 20s on Friday. Thanks a whole fucking lot Nature. We know you like to make winters up here interesting. Not as bad as that time you gave us Mid-70s in December and then dumped 9 feet of snow on us a week later, but I have a feeling you'll pull one of them, except maybe 6 1/2 feet. You're always generous this time of year.

Other then that, not much else going on that's worth your mention. I might as well tie this one up now.

Until I click "Fire" to respawn, I remain the, well, remains of...

- Dark Pulse
11/24/2004 Thanksgiving: Get Stuffed!
Another month, another update...

First off, our little UT2004 mod has been announcer; perhaps you've heard of a little thing called CTF4? :) It was hell the last few days or so, tying that up, but it's done and well recieved - over 4500 downloads, and it's not even been a week now! I'm deeply humbled and impressed. If you'd like to get your own copy, visit the link in the sidebar on the right - Current version is 1002. And if you're really lucky, you might even play me. You'll know when it's me - the game will say I've joined. Heh, Dev privledges rock. :p

Anyway, besides most of the levels, I also did a hell of a lot of testing and pretty much every Green and Gold textures you see. (NOT the skins - that's someone else.) I've done a lot for that mod, and I hope the Community does it justice with some mind-blowing work.

Other then that, nothing much of interest at all. Still Single, Still outta work, my dick's still the exact same size. :/ I suppose I should be thankful it hasn't shrank though - this IS Thanksgiving.

Finally, we're supposed to get our first good, measureable snowfall tonight/Tomorrow AM. Another Buffalo Winter of Single-Digit Temperatures and Subzero Wind Chills, ahoy!

I hope all you people in the south fucking Rot as a result. :)

Until the Aliens scrub my brain again, I remain...

- Dark Pulse
10/10/2004 Updates Schmupdates! Feh!
Wow, it's actually been awhile since I did an update, even for my "Non-Existant" update schedule. So I figure "What the hell, give the little bastards something." So here I am.

Well, life's been Unreal-centered again the last couple of weeks. I've been posting regularly at the BeyondUnreal Forums and participating in their weekly Fragfest known as FragBU. If you're really itching to take on some of the best players on the 'net and generally have a good time in one of the finest 2k4 pubs around, I HIGHLY recommend you sign up on the BeyondUnreal forums and join us. Add a "You killed [LAC]Dark_Pulse" screenshot to your collection today! :p

Second, I've been working on a currently unannounced UT2004 mod. While I can't say much about the mod, I CAN say that my work is creating maps for this mod. It's an awesome mod, one I think a lot of people will like, and I can't wait to see what the community does with it once the mod is released! Stay Tuned.

Finally, back to BeyondUnreal for a second: I'm helping plan, record material, and otherwise do other stuff for a second FragBU video. I HIGHLY recommend you check out the first one for some awesome kills from the UT2003 days; Mid-air Headshots, well timed Shock Combos, and just weird stuff are abound. You'll be likely seeing me in this second volume, and if you get a excellent kill on FragBU, who knows, you might too. ;)

Anyway, outta here!

- Dark Pulse
7/31/2004 Another year closer to the Grave, Woohoo!
I'm in an unusually happy mood, mostly because it's my birthday, so I guess I got a reason to be or something. Anyway, I'm now 19, hurrah.

Birthday Wishes? Nude Pictures? Money? Email me and we'll work something out. ;)

- Dark Pulse
7/17/2004 Insert Meaningless Battle Here!
[07:10:44 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: lol, this is terrible...
[07:11:07 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: ?
[07:11:33 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Do you mind if it is basically Sonic Ecchi?
[07:11:49 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: I've seen such a thing before, anyway.
[07:12:12 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Might as well show you then.
[07:12:16 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: It's pretty funny actually.
*NOTE: Here is the Image. Kids, get your parents' permission! :)*
[07:16:40 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...?
[07:16:49 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: >_>
[07:16:51 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: What?
[07:17:04 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...I was expecting a "Hah" or some similar reaction...
[07:17:14 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: ?
[07:17:30 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Just look at the fucking thing and you'll see... ~_~
[07:18:55 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: ...eh.
[07:20:08 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...is "Eh" the reaction?
[07:20:39 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: Yeh.
[07:20:48 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...did you notice the bottom left?
[07:21:07 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: The boobs?
[07:21:08 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: =P
[07:21:18 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...no, the Bottom left.
[07:21:24 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Not the Boobs.
[07:21:31 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: I missed that part, then.
[07:21:36 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Then read it.
[07:22:04 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: I'm making this difficult for myself on purpose, you know. ;D
[07:22:17 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: Mostly since you seem to care so much about my opinion.
[07:22:26 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Yes, I know. I'll remember it when you ask for mine. ;)
[07:24:10 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: ...mm...hmm.
[07:24:22 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...no laugh? No smile? Nothing?
[07:24:52 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: Nah, if I make it difficult for myself, that negates any response I might have had.
[07:25:04 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...
[07:25:19 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: You just lost a grand in the future buddy
[07:25:36 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: Because I'm tired?
[07:25:48 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Hey, I'm not?
[07:25:58 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: It's fucking 7:30 AM! I'm more tired then you are!
[07:26:07 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: You sure are.
[07:26:08 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: I found that funny!
[07:26:29 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: Try looking up random names in the phonebook.
[07:26:52 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...Hah, Hero Zzyzzyzxx.
[07:27:00 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...Xerxes Zzyzzyzxx...
[07:27:21 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...Hugh Jass...
[07:27:29 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...Is this supposed to be funny?
[07:27:47 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: If you get lucky and actually use a real phonebook.
[07:28:04 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: ...the sad fact is, I AM using a real phonebook...
[07:28:06 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: While Hammer was playing Sonic SPinball I came across "Guglielmo".
[07:28:14 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: So?
[07:28:25 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: GOOGLY ELMO!
[07:28:25 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Gugilelmo Maraconi invented the Radio
[07:28:36 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: You know what?
[07:28:40 AM] I shall destroy all of you! Destroy you TO DEATH!: We're both no fun.
[07:28:49 AM] [LAC]Dark Pulse - Now undergoing Serious Re-Training.: Yeah. :(

- Dark Pulse
6/16/2004 Wow, I'm a lazy fucker!
I never updated my site, despite having written it all out! Isn't that something!

Now you get two... two... two updates in one! How bloody fantastic.

So uh... enjoy life! And if you're not, remove your face with a .22. Lord knows we don't need ya.


[11:30:10 AM] Plague: give me the .22
[11:30:13 AM] Plague: ill do it right now
[11:30:19 AM] Dark Pulse: *Hands over a .22*
[11:30:44 AM] Plague: -blows his own head off-
[11:30:54 AM] Plague: FUCK
[11:30:57 AM] Plague: im still alive
[11:30:59 AM] Plague: .22s suck
[11:31:08 AM] Plague: -takes .45 and blows head off- (THATS HOW WE DO IT)

So go ahead kids, follow Plague's example! If you got the balls that is.

Unless you're female.

And Hot.

In which case, start tapping on my window at my home. We'll work something out.

Yes, I know I copied that shamelessly from my previous update. So blow me.

...as long as you're female.

- Dark Pulse
5/10/2004 Eat or be persuaded to be eaten.
Yep, I got lazy and didn't update again. The question is, do I really care? Probably not. So nyahh.

Actually, I've been real busy keeping my Game Music Mirrors up to date. Currently, everything is accurate and 100% up to date on the PSF, PSF2, and USF fronts, and I'm looking to add more sets in the very near future.

Other then that, nothing really interesting to report... well, maybe that I've got a large Whatsitthingy, but hey, that's a different topic of discussion. You didn't come here to look at my Whatsitthingy and I know it.

Unless you're female.

And Hot.

In which case, start tapping on my window at my home. We'll work something out.

- Dark Pulse
4/2/2004 This space for rent - $40 or best offer, 328-7448
Well, it took long enough for an update, eh?

First and Foremost: UT2k4's been out for almost a month now, and I've been playing it religiously on my brand-new Athlon XP 3000+ Computer (This is my first post from said computer, to boot.) My old one is currently in Transit to Dundalk, MD where a pal of mine bought it off me for a cool $300. Anyway, if you haven't gotten UT2k4 yet, go get it, and if you have, maybe you'll play me someday.

Second: My PSF Mirror has been a HUGE success. If you haven't been there yet, what're you waiting for? Little Green men from Grrrrrrrrash Tak'nyrrrrrrrrr to take over? Visit the freakin' Mirror!

Third, I decided to get rid of the Modplug stuff. The Links are still there, in case you want to download it still, but effectively I'm too bored to update it every time I update the site, and as you can see from my update schedule, that's not terribly often or even remotely regular.

As I type this, I got back from a nice Vacation in Erie, PA a good 12 hours ago. I've had maybe 7 hours of sleep in the last two and a half days, so believe me, I'll sleep like a rock tonight.

Anyway, here's the site update l0k so desperately wanted - now link my site and not my mirror you hussy.

- Dark Pulse
2/22/2004 darkpulse.bandwidthmonkey.net - Same look - same crappy content.
I know exactly what you're gonna ask.

"DP, why'd you move the site?"

Well, truth is, I haven't. We moved hosts, and my Sexy Co-Admin sherl0k decided we all could use a nice, fres restart. And lo and behold, the birth of Bandwidthmonkey.net. And it was good.

As I write this (At the snazzy time of 5:03 AM) sherlok.net is still up. That should go down in the next few hours though - all updates will continue through here.

So start coming by here. Maybe even drop by the Bandwidthmonkey.net Forums.

After all, they're good and good for ya.

- Dark Pulse
2/12/2004 Unreal Tournament 2004 Madness!
Well, my computer is no longer a piece of ass for New games, thanks to my Shiny new GeForce 4 MX 440. Yes, it still sucks, but before you Radeon whores come out and slap the yellow off my teeth, I'd like to tell you three things:

1) You should shut the hell up.
2) My Mobo is a KT266A, not exactly something tha can handle 8X AGP.
3) Unless you're feeling kind enough to mail me a nice computer (Or give me $400 more for a new one) you're in no position to tell me I should have gotten a Radeon! Now please refer back to Number 1.

So I've spent the last few nights giving it a workout. Unreal Tournament 2003 runs very good on most maps with all settings on High, All Eyecandy enabled, and 640x480x32. Postal 2 is a lot heavier on this kind of stuff, but I still acheive Med-High detail with mostly Playable FPS.

And, of course, UT2k4. Epic's definitely set out to redeem themselves with this one...

I took 100+ Screenshots; you can nab them all here. Big thanks to my BL mate, Feuergeist, and to my DS Lackeys, Leonard Noir and Ataru-kun for playing with me and getting as much of a kick off Onslaught as I did.

Anyway, if you haven't gotten the demo yet (Yes, both of you) do yourself a favor and get it. The new Onslaught mode is simply awesome, Assult's revamps are refreshingly welcome, The Character Models look even better, and the AI is amazing. When the bots say "I've got your back" they really DO got your back. And that long-time standing bug of them being able to see Invisible players is finally quashed- they ran right past me several times when invisible.

The only thing they could improve more on? Dodging, Dodge Jumping, Double Jumping, and Wall Hopping. There's still none of that (As far as I seen anyway) but this is only a Demo, and they've still got a month to tweek it out.

Anyway, I've got it Pre-Ordered, so I should have it right around the 23-27th of March (It's released on the 16th.) Expect full coverage of this - what's new, who's who, and more - when I get the game.

Assuming I ever stop playing, that is.

-Dark Pulse

12/02/2003 Whee, New stuff!
Well I finally redid the Main Page slightly - ever so slightly, mind you...

1) You'll now notice a Download Link if you can't hear the fine, fine music above. This is The ModPlug Plugin, it's a small EXE and will allow you to hear the music/stop it at your own will! If you've ever had the Standalone ModPlug Player, you'll be quite familiar with the interface, if not, it's simple and easy enough to get used to quickly.

2) There's now a Hit Counter on the bottom of the page. Tacky? Maybe, but hey... It's my page, anyway, and not yours. So Shaddap.

About it for this update... In case I don't update around then, may you and yours have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, or Joyeaux Nöel!

(12/04/2003) MINOR ADDENDUM: Change the Song. It is now "The Course" From UT.

-Dark Pulse

11/14/2003 An Update! r0x0r OMG!!!
Since Boredom is doing absolutely nothing for me at the moment, it's time to update my rarely-updated Site! Wheee!

1) I'm sick of the music here now, I changd it. The New Theme is "Nether Animal" from the game "Unreal Tournament." If you don't have it yet, where the hell have you been the last Four years?!

2) The final FCW Show of the 2003 season, "Extreme Apocalypse" is tomorrow. Get a Sneak Preview here.

3)  I added a new link, to The Hacking 101 Collective. Hacking 101 is a group of freelance Gameshark/Pro Action Replay hackers.  I was one of the Founders and original members, and I've now returned to there. Give it a visit, there's all sorts of interesting stuff there, Game and Non-Game related.

Well Pardners, it's time to ride into the sunset. Yippie-Ki-Yay!

-Dark Pulse

10/30/2003 The Death and Return of the Forums...Again
After about a week of work, the forums have finally returned. Since I want every damn person on earth to read my tear-jerking Memoriam, you can simply click the link to your right and read it, and therein is the URL for the new Forums.

If you were a member before, your old login and passes will work. If you weren't, what the hell are you waiting for? Get a damn account, sign up, and join the Lunacy.

You know you want to.

-Dark Pulse

10/23/2003 Forums down again, but...
The Forums are down, but not for the usual reasons. I'm merging them with another forum, and as such, I needed to back up my Database and lock the forums to ensure it is the current Boards. As of about 10 PM, all posts have been archived in the backup. No Data has been lost. You shouldn't have to re-register, Though there might be some forums added/dropped. Hopefully no Mod spots will be lost, but this I cannot Guaruntee 100%.

Hopefully this merger of both forums will be quick, easy, and painless, and I will have updated links for you all ASAP.

-Dark Pulse

ZOINKS! An Update!
Zzzzzz.....  Snark!  mmmwha?  Wow, is it that late?

Well, I figured it's time for my Bi-monthly (Actually it's mostly when I'm bored) Updates...

First, I'm doing several projects in the 3D world. I'm working on a couple new maps for UT, UT2003, and believe it or not, that old Fragfest DOOM. In fact, assuming you got the ModPlug Player, you should hear a spiffy little Remix of DOOM 2 Map 10, "The Demon's Dead." Good, Heavy Stuff.

Second, Boards have been on a roller coaster ride as of late, but Paul swears that all these changes have been for the better, and everything should be A-OK now.

About it for this update, I'm outta here!

-Dark Pulse
8/5/2003 The Death and Return of the Forums
Forums are finally back up after a hiatus of about a week. Oh, and since the place was down on my birthday, the 31st was my 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday to mee, Happy Birthday to mee...!

-Dark Pulse

7/25/2003 Finally!
  Whoo, finally, Site Redesign. About damn time I settled on something to settle the gap around this place. And It's fully functional, to boot, as well as easy to keep updated. So keep checking back, more links will be added as time crawls on.

-Dark Pulse

Other Important Crap

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